Android Photo Editing - Photo Studio

Photo Editing - Photo Studio
Draw on any of the pictures and share it with your friends, family by email, twitter, facebook or any other photo sharing application. Draw on a blank canvas or on a photo. Make pictures more pretty by drawing on them as you draw on a pad with drawing. Drawing on Photos gives you easy access to huge Art with simple drawing skills.

Love or Hate someone? Convey the message with pictures and drawing. Draw on their picture and let them know. Have a crush on some one? Take their picture and Draw Something on their picture and share it with them. When you draw a love message or something pretty people will like that. 

Awesome photo studio editing application with more than 150 cliparts and powerful image editor with awesome frames! now you can create and draw your nice photos and share it with the world. Install photo editing/Photo Studio - where everyone becomes a great artist! It is the most popular free mobile photo editor, one of the fastest growing photo artists’ social networks and largest galleries of artwork. Try this now and Enjoy the experience.

This photo studio app is a free photo editor, drawing tool and picture art network. It is like an all-in-one collection of multiple editors. This photo editor provides tons of photo manipulations, masks, frames, borders, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, overlays, callouts, crop, rotate and more! It enables you to take a picture, preview and apply photo live effects by enhancing your standard camera. 

  • Powerful Image Editor
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Paint Draw Button to draw on the photo using different types of brushes and colors
  • Drawing text with Adjustable Font! You can apply different color, border and shadow to the text
  • More than 150 cliparts, editing/drawing tools! You can move, pinch, rotate, stretch and zoom the added objects
  • Awesome frames! You can move, pinch, rotate, stretch and zoom the photo to fit it into the frame
  • Art Draw Button! You can do this by selecting a object from the given options and then by tapping on the photo to add it
  • Delete Button to delete the selected clip arts, paint draw, art draw and custom text those are applied on the photo
  • Option Button to save photo, to share photo, to take a new photo from the camera, to load a new photo from gallery, to clear all added clip arts and to create new photo
  • Take picture from camera or choose from gallery
  • Move/Resize/Rotate Photos
  • Draw on pictures and Text on picture
  • A huge selection of beautiful frames including heart frames and kid frames.
  • Make your photos instant memes by adding text.
  • App is free and super easy to use.
  • Wide choice of stickers that makes photos look funny!
  • Draw, Choose and change Color
  • A full suite of photo editing functions including crop and rotation
  • Share your photo directly with friends through Facebook or email, or just save it back to your photo library
  • Easily crop, rotate, and re-size images when saving and sharing
  • Save the editing photos and share via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangout, Picasa, Gmail, LiveMail, Nimbuzz, Fring, Wechat, RockeTalk, DropBox, snapseed, google plus, Digg, twitter, flickr or any other social networking service.
  • 100% FREE

Photo and picture editor drawing tool provides fantastic image drawing features including: draw, sticker mode, callouts, artistic brushes, layers and text styles! You can make fun pictures drawing on your Facebook friend's photos! This Photo and picture editor drawing tool allow to share your images, you can also send photos by SMS and email. It allows creation of personal art galleries, connecting with other artists and participate in drawing and photo contests.

Free Android Photo and Picture Editors for drawing tool and picture art!

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